Core-Admin: massive server administration easy!

Core-Admin is an extensible solution for server and device administration that integrates into a single solution powerful administration panels, an external and highly detailed internal checking engine and an event notification system that will allow you to track to the minute the state of all your systems connected to a central console.

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Core Admin was in OpenExpo 2018

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Powerful centralized design

network-computerCore-Admin provides a centralized administration console that will help you to manage, monitor and administrate your servers easily.

Designed to support hundred of servers, Core-Admin allows secure access to your  set of servers with a single credential in a quick manner, so you can easily do manage operations over all of your servers with a few clicks.

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Powerful monitoring system

checker-64x64Core-Admin comes with a complete and extensible set of internal checkers, log watching, file system watching and much more, that will provide you valuable information about the current internal state of all your servers.

With an automatic self-discovery design that will help you to deploy all checkers that support your system, Core-Admin checking system will save you lot of time by spotting the point of failure as it happens.

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Lots of ready to use apps

notebook-computerCore-Admin comes with a set of ready to use applications to do many common tasks required on a daily basis, from real time log analysis, to an integreated ip blocking system, easy to use cron management, external checkings, processes and services viewer and many more.

Along with base applications included, there are  Core-Admin editions (like Core Admin Web Edition), that includes especific applications designed for different scenarios.

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Powerful permission system

permission-shieldCore-admin includes a ready to use permission system that will allow platform adminstrators to delegate permissions over the entire platform or at machine, application or object level.

Its hierarchical design allows to delegate permission assignation to those users selected, enforcing  them to only give access to what they have been assigned.

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Core-Admin ISP ready

big-yellow-starCore-Admin Web Edition and Core-Admin Free Web Edition provide a specific solution carefully designed to meet the needs of Hosting Providers about handling Mail servers, Web servers, Ftp servers and Dns servers.

Along with those applications, Core-Admin provides valuable applications and security options like specific web files monitoring to detect common hackings, automatic IP blocking for login failures in various services or mail IP sending tracking to detect unauthorized usage of your servers.

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Extensible platform!

toolsYes, you can develop your own applications, checkers and collectors for Core-Admin so you can extend the platform to fit your needs.

Core-Admin is designed as a plataform to manage large set of servers, allowing to develop and easily deploy new applications on top of it.

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Do you need a platform to manage your servers easily and let you check them beyond ping? You really have to see Core-Admin in action. Get it now, right here!

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