Core-Admin on-line demo

Please, use the following accesses to test different views presented to the user according to the credentials used.

Core-Admin on-line demo admin accesses

The following accesses will show you administrator view provided by Core-Admin. In the first case, the Core-Admin platform admin, have access to the entire platform without restrictions. In the second case, the Machine admin, only have access to certain machines selected by the Platform admin.

Platform admin access

core-admin-logo-64x64Core-Admin platform admin is the full access administrator user. It has rights to access to all configurations available through the panel. This is generally the access used by core administrators.
User: admin
Pass: admin

Machine admin access

machine-64x64Core-Admin machine admin users have full access to a particular set of machines. They can access to all applications, configurations and objects in those applications running in the selected machine.
User: machine
Pass: machine


Core-Admin application level access

The following Core-Admin accesses, allows to see how is presented the Core-Admin panel to users that aren’t administrators. In this case, we have three accesses, where the first is an application administrator (that has no restriction inside particular applications).

Then it is also showed an End user access to show a panel access to users that have rights over certain objects inside certain applications.

In the last case we have an access to the Core-Admin panel that shows how a user can change its own account settings at the mail server application (note that this must be soported by the application itself).

Application administrator

web-planet-64x64Core-Admin app admin users have full access to a particular set of applications inside selected machines.
User: app_admin
Pass: app_admin

End user access (i.e. for ISP users)

system-users-64x64Core-Admin end user access to manage certain objects inside certain applications.
User: end_user
Pass: end_user

Single item access

system-users-64x64Core-Admin end user access to manage a particular object (in this case a mail account).
Pass: test