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Core-Admin is available in the form of editions which target especific scenarios, providing in some cases free to use editions like Core-Admin Free Web Edition. Then it is also possible to acquire single elements to extend your installation like additional core-admin agents and/or applications.

Base edition

core-admin-logo-64x64Especially suited for generic environments where custom-made applications developed by you or others.

Core-Admin Base edition includes support for a central server, all base applications, full support for server internal monitorization (as well as the other features) and one ready to use Core-Admin Agent subscription license.


Web Edition

web-planet-64x64Core-Admin Web Edition is especially targeted at ISP environment, hosting providers and any organization that needs a webhosting, mail server administration, shared ftp  and DNS solution to manage their services.

Core-Admin Web Edition provides integreated support to manage your servers, with a professional panel that will help you track the state of your servers and let your users to get access what they need in a secure manner.


Micro Web Edition

big-yellow-starLike Core-Admin Web edition but limited to handle 15 domains (mail domains, web sites, ftp hostings or dns domains).

It is especially indicated for those organizations that requires a profesional administration panel to handle a single server that host their sites but with no intention to resell them.