Web Edition

Easy to use, feature rich tool to provide hosting solutions

Core-Admin Web Edition provides an unique solution that will help you  to manage from one to hundreds of servers that not only provides mail, web and dns services to your customers and end users, but also to improve overall system availability and security.

A profesional panel to manage hosting solutions

Core-Admin Web Edition joins together into an especific solution powerful applications to manage many aspects of the hosting  environment with the superior support that gives the Core-Admin platform. This way you can easily manage hundreds of servers and tracking their state from a single web console.

Core-Admin Web Edition integrates many security options that will help you improve overwall system availability by detecting common errors, track security incidents quickly, like unauthorized web modifications, or to block common attacks (like brute force logins).

Available Micro edition from 5€!

destacado-22x22There is also available a Core-Admin Micro Web Edition that will let you use this fantastic product under commercial scenarios from an affordable price.

Keep on reading to know more and what are the differences between Core-Admin Web Edition options.


Core-Admin Web Edition subscription pricing

A powerful web administration panel for the price of a single hosting!

If you are starting with Core-Admin, and you are interested in Core-Admin Web Edition, you could start with Core-Admin Micro Web Edition to see how it works. Then you can upgrade easily to another Core-Admin Web Edition option based on your business.

Please, before acquiring a subscription, check Core-Admin server support matrix.

Along with the features, next you will find pricing for subcription license during a year or a month for Core-Admin Web Edition for different configurations. This license includes everything to handle a single server with all features.

Free Micro Starter Basic Standard Professional Premium

Subscription license price
(TAX not included)

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€ / month

€ / year

€ / month

€ / year

€ / month

€ / year

€ / month

€ / year

€ / month

€ / year

€ / month

€ / year

Objects limit (domains, hosting and mail plans that can be managed)

up to 10 up to 15 up to 20 up to 35 up to 60 up to 100 unlimited

Core-Admin base applications

Web Edition Applications
(Webhosting management, Mail admin, Dns admin…)

Extended user and permission system
(can create hosting users not just platform admin users)

- -

Security updates

Free Edition can apply updates
once a month

* Limited

Technical support

(no priority)

Access to Core-admin doc-centre


Hosting ready applications

big-yellow-starAlong with base applications included into the Core-Admin base edition, Core-Admin Web Edition includes especific applications to manage and provide hosting services.

Among others, this edition includes an application to manage shared hosting services (Webhosting management), to manage shared mail services (Mail admin), to manage shared DNS server (Dns admin) and to manage shared FTP hosting solutions (Shared FTP management).

Improve system availability

checker-64x64Core-Admin Web Edition includes many especific elements to track and detect common failures that if detected quickly, it will give you the chance to fix them fast avoiding the error getting to the end user.

The solution includes many checking points (watching logs, file system and run time execution) to ensure you get an accurate view about the state of your machines. Check the following pages (Core-admin’s checkers and Core-Admin log elements) to get an idea of the checking level that provides core-admin.

Security options

big-lock-64x64Core-Admin Web Edition includes many security elements that will help you improve overall system security. These security elements will help you tracking internal file system modifications, brute force logins, crontab modifications, hacked web-pages, and many more..

At the same time, it provides some useful tools like the “read-only state” for web pages, which will help to freeze attacked web pages, letting you  to take the web back as soon as possible and then see what’s happened without worrying about having that page hacked again.


Webhosting management easy!

web-planet-64x64With a really long feature list, Core-Admin Web Edition provides a really easy to use webhosting administration tool that will help you to create webhosting sites with user separation (to improve security). Those sites provide all the required support to help your customers and end users to get the most out of them (MySQL management, FTP management, cron managament, Web app installers and many more options).

Along with this, machine and platform administrators will have access to extended configuration options that will enable them to manage sites certificates, custom site configurations, webhosting plans to control resources, default web page, etc…see the following demonstration:

Corporate and shared mail administration

mail-64x64Mail admin tool bundled with Core-Admin Web Edition provides a really easy to use tool, that provides all features required to handle multiple domains with multiple accounts inside them, limiting them by mail plans created by the administrators.

Mail admin provides an administration panel with extended options to configure the mailserver and to create new mail domains. The tool also supports user panels (to handle mail accounts inside domains that owns the user) and an individual panel to let individual users to change their account settings (auto reply, password, mail alias)…see how it works in the following video:


DNS under control!

dns-64x64Dns admin tool included into Core-Admin Web Edition, provides an easy and an integrated solution to handle DNS domains and their records with just a few clicks.

The tool is prepared to have different panel levels (administrator and end user), with lots of additional checkings to ensure values introduced into the application conforms with what is expected.

Shared FTP solution

ftp-server-64x64Core-Admin Web Edition provides a really easy to use and a powerful Shared FTP solution that will help you to easily administrate FTP domains and let your users to do advanced FTP management under their domains and with the limits imposed by FTP plans.

This solution will help you to provide FTP hosting services in a way your end users will have the same power as if they had a dedicated FTP server.


License assistance

help-supportPlease, contact us if have any question about what subscription license or combination of them you need for your setup. Contact us at info@core-admin.com

You can also check our FAQs to see if your question is there.