Event short description: log_growing_too_fast

This event, when notified with warning, error and critical level, means that the Core-Admin log watcher (crad-log-watcher) detected that a server log growth speed exceed the threshold currently configured.


This event signals that something is speeding up log growth. This may be because the following general factors:

  1. Because current threshold isn’t configured/adjusted to the normal speed the server delivers to the log.
  2. Because there is a service that is receiving more traffic/work causing more logs to be produced.
  3. Some configuration error that is triggering an increment in the log traffic.
  4. Some service became faulty and started to produce logs without any control.


In any case, it is recommend a visual inspection of the server logs to ensure everything is fine. In the case you find your server in fact produces more amount of logs under normal function, increase threshold that triggered the notification.

In the case you find an error, do not move the threshold, because it has helped you to spot this failure.

In any case, to reconfigure server log growth threshold, click on the event, then click on the “Show machine” option, then click on the Log watcher manager and inside the left side options tree, select logs watched and then select the log to reconfigure by clicking on it. After that, update the log growth configuration by increasing corresponding levels.