Monitoring system

Core-Admin monitoring system

Early error detection is key to provide better time response and a better customer support by fixing errors before they reach end users.

Core-Admin monitoring system is composed by several components that do different checking types to ensure you don’t miss a detail. Unlike other checking solutions that are based on polling and/or external checking, Core-Admin provides a ready to use and easy to deploy checking solution based on:

Internal  server checking

checker-64x64A key feature of Core-Admin is the internal checking system that allows to track different aspects of your servers with a high detail, providing you valuable error reporting information.

The internal checking supports automatic discovery (features that can be checked). Among others, this will let you check the state of your hard disks, raid controllers, memory status, MySQL function, swap status, crontab modifications, and many more.

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File system watching

folder-64x64Core-Admin log-watcher daemon also provides a file system change tracking to detect unauthorized access, even providing a detailed notification about what was modified.

Together with the expression database already included, Core-Admin log-watcher is able  to notify when a web page has been hacked in most cases.

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Log watching

report-64x64Didn’t you ever want to track certain expressions from your logs as they happen? Core-Admin log-watcher daemon does it with a ready to use expression database that spots common known errors, providing valuable notifications to the central panel.

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External server checking

event-64x64Core-Admin checking system  includes a general checking tool which will let you check in a really easy manner the status of an external service (using ICMP, TCP and other known protocols), conveying checking information with the Core-Admin notification system.


Unified notification system

notify-64x64All notifications generated by applications, log watching, internal checking and/or external checking create uniquely identifed events that are sent as they happen to the central panel for review. These notifications can also be sent to external handlers like SMS, twitter accounts or mail accounts.

This notification system can also be used as a Python interface or as a command line so it can be integrated into your applications and/or scripts to produce custom notifications that can be received together with the rest of Core-Admin’s notifications.

Live notifications with actions

checker-64x64All notifications produced by Core-Admin includes additional options that allows to perform further actions that can be triggered by the panel operator.

This allows to not only get notifications about events that are happening in your machines, but also to interact and take action about them.

See on the right an example on how a suspicious mail transaction is detected and easily checked by an operator:


Extensible notification system with your own options

toolsThe previous notification example seen is just one of many examples about notifications. These notifications includes different kind of options and/or actions that can be accomplished and triggered by the panel operator.

Further more, Core-Admin will allow you to create custom-made notifications and watchers that are able to produce notifications that can go along with custom-made actions. This will allow you to design custom-made detectors with the options you need to recover or to configure your services and systems.

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