SSL Certificates

SSL certificates for Core-Admin users

For Core-Admin users, we provide SSL certificates at especial prices, that can be used to protect your web sites, mail domains,  Core-Admin server itself (to enable easy WebSocket connection without having to introduce exceptions)…

In the case you need to protect those services by a certificate, take advantage of especial SSL prices we are providing. These certificates are provided through  GeoTrust,  and they give the security and backup of a well-known certificate issuer (with support for 128-256 bits) and supported by  99,0+% of market browsers.

Geotrust certificates

Certificates provided are
delivered by a leading certificate authority, a highly trusted, internationally recognized certificate authority.

Reduce security alerts

99,0+% browser support of root certificate means customer confidence won’t be lost by security alerts.

Strong encryption

Up to 256-bit SSL encryption protects transactions and confidential data in transmission.



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