Core-Admin Web Edition: what license subscription do I need for several servers?

It depends on the kind of setup you want to install. First you have to cover base installation which comprises the central server and agents to cover all servers so they are connected to a single central server or to various. Let’s see this first:

  • Independent servers: if you want to separate those servers making them to have independent administrations panels, you need two Core-Admin Web Edition subscription licenses.
  • One panel, various servers: in the case you have to have a single panel controlling these servers, you need a single Core-Admin Web Edition subscription and one Core-Admin Single Agent subscription for each server you want to connect.

Now, you have to consider applications to want to run on those servers:

  • In the case you have to have separate services in each server, for example, one server runs web services, other mail services and other dns services, you don’t need anything else because Core-Admin Web Edition includes support to run a single instance of all of those applications.
  • In the case you want additional applications you need to acquire a Core-Admin Standard Application subscription and indicate during the purchase process which application you need.
  • In the case you want all servers connected to a single central server but you still need to run all applications (dns, mail, web…) in all of them, it is cheaper to acquire one Core-Admin Web Edition subscription license by each of those servers instaed of acquiring each separate application.




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