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Automatic and integrated (DNS RBL) blacklist detection for Core-Admin

Do you ever wanted to know automatically when your servers get blacklisted (DNS RBL)?

For next Core-Admin release we have included a handy checker (rbl_check_checker) that allows to check against more than 100 known DNS rbl blacklists if any of your server IPs is blacklisted. And, if any server is listed, the checker tells you where to go to get more information to proceed to unblock them.

The checker also detects local lan IPs and in that case, it uses automatically a remote service to guess which public IP is running your server. Now, with this information the checker is able to also check for blacklisting those local/lan servers.

The checker integrates automatically into your Core-Admin and will give you fresh information for all your servers connected to the panel. See in action:

Improving your server IP reputation for mail deliveries

By having rbl-check checker running in your servers you can improve hugely your servers IP reputation because you can get instant information about any blacklisting for any running IP as it happens.

A prompt response is key to solve IP reputation problems. The faster you solve them, the less your mail services get affected. With that information you can react promptly taking required measures and to request IP blacklist removal.

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