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How to see my Core-Admin license and check its status?

Checking your current Core-Admin license codes

To see your current Core-Admin License codes, you must be log into Core-Admin as platform admin, and then click on the top menu System →  License manager.

This will launch the License manager application. Then click on “Summary” and it will display current license status.

Triggering a license codes check

If for whatever reason your Core-Admin server wasn’t able to check current installed license codes, you can trigger a check by clicking on the “Check license now” button which appears inside the Summary section.

Managing currently installed license codes

Under the the “License codes” section (on the left side tree), you’ll find currently installed license codes. There, you’ll be able to list license codes and to remove them.

Adding new license code

To add a new license code, just click on Options (located at the top toolbar)  →  Add license code. Then introduce the license code and wait for server confirmation.

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Core-Admin Web Edition: what is included in the license?

A single Core-Admin Web Edition subscription license includes the following general items which are at the same time the elements that are allowed:

  • Support for running a central server and the web interface (turbulence and core-admin central server)
  • Support to accept one agent connecting to this server. More agents can be added by acquiring more Core-Admin Single Agent or similar subscription licenses (see options).
  • Support to create any kind of core-admin users and delegating permissions to them.  This is crucial for any situation where users must have low level permissions to administrate only those objects that they need.
  • Support to run any number of the Core-Admin base applications on any connected server.
  • Support to run one instance of Webhosting management, Mail Admin, Dns Admin and Shared FTP manager.
  • Support to get updates (security, critical and upgrades) at any time, without any limit.
  • Support to create any number of objects without any limit (mail plans, webhosting, etc..).

There are other elements that are allowed by this subscription license but these are the most relevant. Contact us if you have any additional question.

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Core-Admin Free Web Edition: what is allowed commercially with this license?

You can use Core-Admin Free Web Edition subscription license for any commercial or private use, even for selling hosting services using Core-Admin. The only difference is that it limits the number of objects (web hostings, mail plans) and it also places some restrictions about the kind of core-admin users can can create (to name some).

To see more details about differences between Core-Admin Web Edition and its Free Edition, see the following page:

In the case you have a private or corporate server and you want to manage your organization’s web pages with Core-Admin, and without considering the purpose of those web pages, then you can use Core-Admin Free Web Edition.

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Core-Admin Web Edition: what license subscription do I need for several servers?

It depends on the kind of setup you want to install. First you have to cover the base installation to have a Core-Admin central server where to join agents. Let’s see this first:

  • Independent servers: if you want to separate those servers making them to have independent administrations panels, you need one Core-Admin Web Edition subscription license for each server.
  • One panel, various servers: in the case you want to have a single panel controlling these servers, you need a single Core-Admin Web Edition subscription and one Core-Admin Single Agent subscription for each server you want to connect.

Now, you have to consider applications you want to run on those servers that are joined to the Core-Admin server:

  • In the case you want to have separate services in each server, for example, one server runs web services, other mail services and other dns services, you don’t need anything else because Core-Admin Web Edition includes support to run a single instance of all of those applications.
  • In the case you want additional applications you need to acquire a Core-Admin Standard Application subscription and indicate during the purchase process which application you need.
  • In the case you want all servers connected to a single central server but you still need to run all applications (dns, mail, web…) in all of them, it is cheaper to acquire one Core-Admin Web Edition subscription license for each of those servers instead of acquiring separate application.

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