How to see my Core-Admin license and check its status?

Checking your current Core-Admin license codes

To see your current Core-Admin License codes, you must be log into Core-Admin as platform admin, and then click on the top menu System →  License manager.

This will launch the License manager application. Then click on “Summary” and it will display current license status.

Triggering a license codes check

If for whatever reason your Core-Admin server wasn’t able to check current installed license codes, you can trigger a check by clicking on the “Check license now” button which appears inside the Summary section.

Managing currently installed license codes

Under the the “License codes” section (on the left side tree), you’ll find currently installed license codes. There, you’ll be able to list license codes and to remove them.

Adding new license code

To add a new license code, just click on Options (located at the top toolbar)  →  Add license code. Then introduce the license code and wait for server confirmation.

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