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Core-admin updating

Core-admin software updating will allow us to get last updates in our applications already installed, moreover new funcionality is added to those applications. Furthemore, new applications will be installed, getting more funcionality in our platform, to have more control in our machines.

To update core-admin software, follow next steps,

1 We click in the top menu, in Core-admin update option

System –> Core-admin update


It is important to close other applications running. Core-admin will inform you in case you will need to do it.

2 We click on Search for core-admin updates


3 Core-admin will search for updates. Next step is to apply them. It is needed to log again in the panel in order to get updates.

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ANN: Core-Admin 1.0.32-3207 ready for download!

A new Core-Admin stable release is available with lots of features and corrections. Here is a brief description:

  1. NEW PLATFORMS: supported, Ubuntu Precise Pangolin LTS 12.04.3 andDebian Wheezy 7.0. See all our supported platforms here:
  2. IMPROVEMENTS: Dojo 1.6.2 is now default engine for web-client. Applied several updates to improve interface experience. Now installer is available in english and spanish. Now app installers are able to show a progress window with task completion (fully programmable and available to developers creating core-admin applications), and many more, see change-log.
  3. DEVELOPMENT: released core-admin app-builder to allow creating checkers and new applications on top of Core-Admin.
  4. GENERAL+SECURITY: many fixes and security updates were applied to this release. See log for more details.

See all details at the release note.

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